Inspirational Woman Award

Inspirational Woman Award

2022 Inspirational Woman of the Year: Lisa M. Giese

Lisa M. Giese is a founding partner at the family law firm of McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C. with offices in Wheaton and Geneva. Lisa served on the Board of Directors of the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers from 2008-2012. Lisa has been active in the Illinois State Bar Association, DuPage County Bar Association and Kane County Bar Association since she began practicing, having served on various committees, section councils and the Board of Directors.

Lisa has been a contributor to both the DuPage and Kane County’s GAL training program for many years and has published several articles in the ISBA and DCBA brief. Lisa graduated from Michigan State University in 2004 and obtained her J.D. from Loyola University Chicago’s night program where she earned her Certificate in Child and Family Law in 2008 while working full-time during the day. Lisa also currently serves on the Board of Directors for DuPage Legal Aid and the Pie Project.

Lisa lives in Winfield with her husband Alex, 3 sons Maverick, Wyatt and Deacon, and her 18-year-old dog, Coco. In what little free time she has, Lisa enjoys traveling, yoga and exploring the outdoors.

About the Award

The Inspirational Woman Award evolved from The Glass-Ceiling Buster Award. Thanks in large measure to the hard-work and distinguished service of many of the women who have come before us, today’s women lawyers can take pride in the fact that the glass ceiling has been not just busted by a few, but shattered by many. As a result of the hard-work and dedication of our predecessors, our options and opportunities as today’s women lawyers are limitless.

The Inspirational Woman is one who has achieved success not only in the courtroom or in the office, but in her life – whether she be a fierce litigator, with a secretly soft heart, or a tenacious practitioner, with a fondness for simple indulgences that nourish her soul. She approaches her practice with civility and professionalism in a manner that enhances, not compromises, her standing in the courtroom and the community.

The Inspirational Woman is one who embraces all aspects of her womanhood and has managed to successfully balance the demands of family, friends, and her colleagues and clients in the workplace. The Inspirational Woman is one who sees her legal career as a vocation, rather than merely a job or work to be done. She sees the people around her – whether they are family-members, friends, colleagues, or clients – as the most meaningful and valuable parts of a life that is not always neatly compartmentalized by family needs versus career needs. Hers is a life of artful balance.

She tends to the needs of those entrusted to her care – whether they are family-members, friends, colleagues or clients – with courage, strength, dignity and compassion. She leads by example. She teaches. She encourages. She does not hesitate to sing the high praises of other worthy women. She delivers meaningful reproach when necessary, and offers good advice when asked. She mentors those fortunate enough to follow in her footsteps. She is buoyed by their strength and capacity to surpass her own example or others’ expectations. She rejoices in the accomplishments of her peers, for the betterment of the profession and the benefit of the community.

She embraces the world through all of her roles – whether as daughter, sister, mother, friend, litigator, colleague or counselor. She epitomizes the valor of the profession and the grace of womanhood.

Past Winners

  • Judge Helen C Kinney (Year Unknown)
  • Tom Leahy (Year Unknown)
  • Irene Bahr – 1999
  • Professor Dawn Clark Netsch – 2001
  • Justice Ann Jorgensen – 2003
  • Haydee Olinger – 2004
  • Irene Bahr – 2006
  • Judge Bonnie Wheaton – 2007
  • Jane Radostits – 2008
  • Susan Alvarado – 2009
  • Brenda Carroll – 2010
  • Brigid Duffield – 2011
  • Michelle Moore – 2012
  • Judge Dorothy French – 2013
  • Margaret O’Connell – 2014
  • Lynn M. Mirabella – 2015
  • Judge Linda Davenport - 2016
  • Kimberly Davis - 2017
  • Rebecca Laho - 2018
  • Deborah A. Carder - 2019
  • Judge Ann Celine O. Walsh - 2020
  • Wendy M. Musielak - 2021
  • Lisa M. Giese - 2022